Masquerade Ball Party Ideas

masquerade ball ideas

Whether you are looking to have a New Year’s Eve party, a Mardi Gras party, Halloween party of just a random party for the fun of it, you can decide to throw a masquerade ball party. For it to be uniquely great and unforgettable, you need to get out of your comfort zone, be able to think out of the box and be totally creative. Make everything unique, from the acceptable attire to even how the party invitations look. To help you with all of these, here are Masquerade party ideas that you can borrow and use.

The décor

The type of décor you select for your masquerade ball party sets the overall mood and should keen considerations should therefore be made. Such parties are synonymous with dark colors and you should therefore have little or even no brightly colored items around. Black, grey, dark red or even purple will do the trick. Get the chairs covered with such dark materials, have a nice dark lantern lighting that gives very dim light and go for a room with tall curtain panels.

The invitation

The invitation should be totally catchy and irresistible and at the same time go hand in hand with the décor theme colors. The colors should therefore not be difficult to choose. You just need to be a little bit creative with the shapes and general outlook of the invitation cards. You can decide to make the cards on your own. Cut the invitations into shapes that you desire such as the human eye or a mask and then add glitter to it. Make it simple and attractive.

The food

It is a masquerade party and you shouldn’t spoil it by ordering a couple of pizzas or potato chips for people to eat. Cook or get someone to cook for you food that people rarely think of cooking or don’t have time to prepare. You can even include your favorite unique delicacy that people have never tasted. Examples of foods you could serve include stuffed mushrooms, spiced walnuts, cherry tomatoes and any other little finger foods.


Apart from the décor, the music powerfully influences the mood of the night. This is not a dance party and you should therefore sadly avoid all your favorite club bangers. Classical music is probably the best idea. Go for the oldies that will take the people back in time. Songs by Beethoven and Mozart can do you right.


Apart from slow dancing, there are a couple of other activities that you could indulge your guests in and make the night memorable. The activities and games you pick should highly depend on the age group of your invitees and their common interests. You could set up a gaming area in which the ones that one could bag small prizes. You could also possibly ask the guests to solve murder mysteries or find hidden treasures you have randomly put in the venue.

These coupled together with other brilliant ideas will definitely leave those who miss the masquerade party jealous and with a lot of regrets.

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