Halloween Party Ideas

halloween party ideas

Halloween is a magical time of year. It is the cusp between autumn and winter, the harvest season and time to decorate and celebrate. If you’re having a Halloween party you need to make it special. Here are some great Halloween party ideas for you.


Plenty of people dress as ghosts and ghouls for Halloween. Try and encourage a few people to go the extra mile and dress as recognizable characters.

A pirate captain, a voodoo priestess or a zombie monk are all fun ideas.

halloween party ideas


Games are a big part of Halloween parties. Depending on the size of your party you may even want two games or more running at the same time. Twister, apple bobbing and charades are all good options.


Halloween decorations are often cheap, plastic and very tacky. If you make your own decorations they have originality and a sense of fun. You can either make these yourself or ask friends and family to come up with bunting, lights and even sculptures. Make Halloween extra special by getting everyone going learning new crafts.

halloween party ideas

Trick or treating

Be prepared for trick or treaters. Get some candy ready and light a funky pumpkin candle in the window to let people know that they are welcome. The trick or treaters visiting or going on a trip from your own house is a big part of the evening so plan for it. The whole evening can be planned about handing out booty or collecting it.

Get kids making their receptacles for treats a week or two early. Ghoulish bags, lanterns and other themed ways to carry the bounty will add to the experience.


Something that creates a great sense of seasonal bliss as well as great memories is festive food. Rather than just serving food for your guests make a party where the food is being cooked. Serve mulled wine or similar drinks, non alcoholic versions are available. Let everyone enjoy the process of bringing a pumpkin pie out of the oven or making fresh treacle. Enjoy the smells and tastes of Halloween as your party theme.


Scout around some cut price antique stores and find some jars and vases that look unusual. Decorate with spider webs, bats and bones. Use these to hold your drinks and snacks. Kids in particular will have great fun mixing items between the jars.

halloween party ideas


If you’re not having a kids party or the kids are going to be well entertained you can cater to the adult guests with some fun Halloween themed cocktails.

Get your glasses decked out with festive additions. You can even get plastic “ice-cubes” with spiders and mini pumpkins inside them! Use combinations of juice to get colors that are either orange or icky colors. The great thing about this party theme is that you get to practice and try out all the best combinations before your party!

Haunted house

Arrange a treasure trek or scientific investigation that involves leading people through the house, telling a story as you go. Have some spooky things along the trek such as strange noises or bats that drop down on people. Have something at the end of the trek to scare people, maybe another guest dressed up in the garden who can run out and make everyone scream.

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