The Last Masquerade

Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is finally fast approaching. You probably have not a single idea about what costume you will don on the long awaited day as you may have exhausted all your ideas on the previous festivals. Well, we have your back. Your friends don’t have to be wearing better costumes that you on Halloween. Below are awesome Halloween costume ideas that you can take in to consideration as you plan on what to wear on this day.

The Yip Yips
The Yip Yips This outfit works best for those who have a buddy that don’t mind having an almost similar outfit as them. Yip Yips are aliens from Sesame Street and always appear to be in pairs and that is why you will need a close friend for this. The outfit won should be of the same design but of different colors.

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween is a magical time of year. It is the cusp between autumn and winter, the harvest season and time to decorate and celebrate. If you’re having a Halloween party you need to make it special. Here are some great Halloween party ideas for you.
Plenty of people dress as ghosts and ghouls for Halloween. Try and encourage a few people to go the extra mile and dress as recognizable characters.
A pirate captain, a voodoo priestess or a zombie monk are all fun ideas.

Games are a big part of Halloween parties. Depending on the size of your party you may even want two games or more running at the same time. Twister, apple bobbing and charades are all good options.

How to Organize a Party

So you want to throw a party? With some up front planning, you can have a party that is fun for your guests and easy on your nerves. The key areas are the theme (if you choose to have one), logistics, invitations, food, decorations, and entertainment.

Themes are limited only by imagination. Around Halloween, you could have a masquerade party, a celebration of Tim Burton's movies, or a Hogwarts themed party with the Harry Potter movies playing in the background. Other holidays, special events such as the Super Bowl or the Academy Awards, milestones like graduation or anniversaries are all inspirations. Once you have chosen a theme, it lends itself to all kinds of ideas for the rest of your planning.

Masquerade Ball Party Ideas

Whether you are looking to have a New Year’s Eve party, a Mardi Gras party, Halloween party of just a random party for the fun of it, you can decide to throw a masquerade ball party. For it to be uniquely great and unforgettable, you need to get out of your comfort zone, be able to think out of the box and be totally creative. Make everything unique, from the acceptable attire to even how the party invitations look. To help you with all of these, here are Masquerade party ideas that you can borrow and use.

The décor
The type of décor you select for your masquerade ball party sets the overall mood and should keen considerations should therefore be made. Such parties are synonymous with dark colors and you should therefore have little or even no brightly colored items around. Black, grey, dark red or even purple will do the trick. Get the chairs covered with such dark materials, have a nice dark lantern lighting that gives very dim light and go for a room with tall curtain panels.

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